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Man And Van

At Nezac Express comes from having high standards. For a start we take time to listen and understand your needs, right down to every last detail. This allows us to plan more effectively and take all the hard work off your hands, guaranteeing you a reliable, flexible and friendly service that exceeds expectations.

We offer best value, most flexible, fastest man and van service operating in Gloucester. We will provide you with a friendly positive attitude, exceptional care for both you and your items.
we’ve proved ourselves dependable and affordable.

Removals And Courier Services

If you’re in need of a Courier in Gloucestershire, Nezac Express is your ideal company. Our team are experienced, helpful and very friendly. Our services suit any kind of delivery, so don’t be shy to get in contact and let us know what you’re looking for. We deliver parcels of all shapes and sizes to all destinations around the UK and we’re not afraid to tackle deliveries with a deadline. All of our vans are equipped with satellite navigation systems and an in-vehicle tracker, so we know exactly where we’re going and can get there quickly. Because we take good care of our vans they’re always in pique condition and ready to get your belongings where they need to be promptly and safely.
Our removal services are also very simple and reliable. We know that your lives are in the back of our vans so you can trust that we will look after them as though they were our own. We’re proud of the quality of work we provide for the prices we ask and we’re sure that you’ll be just as impressed as we are. There are no hidden charges or fees and agreeing on a price is as simple as shaking hands.

Man And Van And Removal Services

We know that sometimes a helping hand goes a long way, so we plan to always be there with a smile to help you out when a job’s too heavy. We also know how precious your belongings are and our London removals are always approached with the best of care. We remove and deliver all over the capital and are the number one choice for transporting furniture, office equipment and oversized items. We have vans of all different sizes to suit your needs, ranging from van of 10.60 cubic meters to a van of 19 cubic meters; enough to fit an entire 2 bedroom flat. You can trust us to provide a brilliant man and van service in Gloucester. Our mission is to make you happy, so the time we deliver your items is completely up to you. There are also two free seats available in the van for anyone that wants to tag along.

We’re always quick to respond and happy to answer any questions, so if you’d like to book one of our services or just want to have a chat about your options, feel free to email us or contact us directly at 07572589624